Ski touring in Pyrenees

Skiing is the pleasurable part of alpinism, and the mountains in Pyrenees are the paradise for skitouring. No tricky glaciers, mostly good weather, easy acces, hundreds of 3.000m peaks, comfortable huts with excellent food.... The must do peaks or the hidden descents, even if you have a goal or you prefer to be advised, the Guide will take care of the safety, will ensure the succes and give you some tips, what else can you ask to a skitouring day? Come and discover the best skitouring in Southern Europe, either for a single day or for a hut to hut tour. You'll be pleased.



Before starting, we like to get you into the planning and preparation, brieffing about route options and goals, gear check, snow conditions and weather forecast.

During the route, we’ll learn on how to read the terrain and the signs, gear use and avalanche safety.

Here some suggestions depending on the group skills:

Introduction: Tuc dera Salana, Comadelforn, Tuc de Hórno, Cervi de Durro…

Begginer: Tuc de Parros, Ventolau, Flamisella, Sendrosa, Tuc deth Port…

Advanced: Certascan, Montarto, Mulleres, Vallhiverna, Contessa…..

We'll set the goal dependig on your wishes, the weather forecast, snow stability and mountain conditions.
Rental gear is available
We can help you find accomodation

To improve comfort when ski, light backpacks are mandatory. We recomend you to use light gear and only the essential. Ask us to set your backpack.

Backpack with a ski carry system. 35/45 l.
Skitouring gear ( skis, boots, skins, cutters, poles ) spare skin.
Avalanche safety kit; ARVA (with spare batteries), shovel, prove
Crampons and ixe ax, depending on the goal.
Ski touring clothes:
Neck band.
Thin gloves.
Warm gloves.
Sunglasses and googles.
Thermos or hidratation system (1 lit).
Sunscreen and lip balm.

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    Ski touring in Pyrenees

    • Dates: December to May
    • Time: 1 or multiple days
    • Price: 270€ to 450€ depending on the group
    • Level: All skill levels
    • Group: max 6 people per guide


    Local IFMGA Mountain Guide
    Colective safety gear
    Booking management

    Not Included

    Personal gear