Baqueira Off-piste discover

Baqueira Beret is one of the world's best ski resorts. It's quality of snow toghether with top quality restaurants and grills offers you great days of ski. But this is just like other ski resorts. We'll like to show you why we call it Freeride Paradise. Long descents starting at an altitude of 2500m down to 1400m, comprising open easy slopes, forests, valleys, gullies and corridors are our playground. Some of the best out-of-boundaries bowls like Montgarri, Ruda or Bagergue will delight you.

We offer you 3 levels take the most of your freeride experience:

Only downhills; taking advantage of the ski lifts to move from an area to another, and using skidoo or transfers to return from farest areas if the conditions allow.

Downhill and short walks; carrying skis on our backpacks for short distances, we can enlarge our playground, Eventually usiing skidoo or transfers to greturn from farest areas.

Freerando, where we’ll skin up short sections to access the best bowls and valleys, where no one else can go.

We take care of the logistics, including ski doo or taxi transfers, focusing on riding the best snow available, and you just enjoy the ski.





The guide will provide full information before the activity, including weather forecast and snow stability.
Our focus is on provide an enjoyable experience, matching the slopes with the group skills and stamina.
Depending on the off-piste mode choosed, either downhill, short walks or freerando, we set up all the logistics to make the most of your day.
The Guide will teach on avalanche safety, snow stability, offpiste ski skills and freeride startegy during the day.
Guia local amb excelent coniexement del terreny
Opcions adaptable al nivell del grup i condicions de la neu
Off-piste/touring skis (minimum 85mm,rental avaliable)
Avalanche safety kit (rental available)

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2. Us enviarem el contracte amb les vostres dades i l'haurieu de frimar
3. Ingrés de Paga i Señal, 50% del total, al següent cc:
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    Baqueira Off-piste discover

    • Dates: December to April
    • Time: 1 day
    • Price: 270€ to 450€ per group
    • Group: up to 6 people per Guide


    Certified Mountain Guide
    Planning and logistics
    Colective safety Gear

    Not Included

    Resort ski pass
    Skidoo / Taxi transfers (price depending on the amount)