Baqueira Beret off piste avalanche safety course

Tired of slow pace, large group, easy terrain avalanche courses? Our IFMGA guides deliver low ratio, exiting terrain and get-the-most-of-it day courses.
We care about your safety when riding off-piste and our goal is to teach you the basics to stay safe when riding your favorite lines. Join us on this full learning day, where we are going to look into the ABC of avalanche terrain safety.

We'll learn how to asses the terrain, the conditions and the group, and how to mix everything up for a safe and exciting riding day

We start first time in the morning learning how to perform a full gear check before stepping on our skis.

We’ll brieff about conditions and Avalanche Forecast, terrain an human factor, choosing the best goals for the day.

Time to jump on our skis and start riding according to our plan, managing the group on exposed terrain, assessing snow stability on the go, checking for signs, practicing a rescue…


  • DVA control check
  • Avalanche Forecast interpretation
  • Terrain analysis and selection
  • Sign interpretation
  • Safety riding and procedures
  • On-the-go stability tests; hand, poles, doble track, ski-cut, CT, ECT
  • Rescue procedure

Baqueira Beret is the largest ski resort in southern Europe. It’s northern aspect, snow precipitation conditions, terrain and mechanical lifts turned Baqueira into a freeride meca in Pyrenees.

Our guides love this perfect playground and they know every inch and every corner of it, feeling happy to show you the best terrain, options and conditions, just for a beer afterwards, isn’t it cheap?

Local IFMGA ski guides
On the terrain teaching to enforce results

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    Baqueira Beret off piste avalanche safety course

    • Dates: December to April
    • Time: 1 day
    • Price: 270€ to 450€ depending on the group
    • Level: Amateur
    • Group: max 6 per Guide


    Local IFMGA ski guide
    Course notes
    Accident insurance

    Not Included

    Ski pass
    Avalanche safety kit (rental available)