Aneto 3.404m, summit of Pyrenees

The highest peak in the Pyrenees it's a must for an y mountaineer and needs no introduction. The Renclusa Refuge, the Portillones Pass, Glacier of Maladeta, Paso de Mahoma, the Forau Aigualluts .... each of the points of this climb has its own story that will make this adventure an unforgettable experience.

Although the most fitted groups may complete this ascent in a long day, we recommend you two days to increase the chances of success and fully enjoy this adventure.

The 1st day we will meet in Benasque during afternoon, check our gear then drive to the Besurta. From  there a pleasant walk will take us in less than 1 hour to Renclusa Hut, where we´ll have dinner and rest to wake up early the next day.

Early in the morning we´ll set off to Paso de los Portillones, where the sunrise will catch us up. After crossing Maladeta’s glacier we will face the last climb from Collado de Coronas. The famous Paso de Mahoma is the last obstacle that separates us from the highest peak in the Pyrenees. This is where the work of the Guide is most appreciated, as it will help us overcome this sharp edge without risk.

At the peak, it´s tome to enjoy the views and take photos, then climb down the Paso de Mahoma and start the long descent through the valley of Aigualluts to the car, with a stop on the famous Forau.

The approximate distance of the entire climb is 16km, with a vertical gain of 1,600m.

The summit of the Pyrenees offers multiple variants of ascent; NW ridge, Salenques Tempestats, via Coronas, the Estasen Couloir … each has a unique beauty and a different challenge, let us advise or tell us your dream and together will make it possible.

The Renclusa Refuge is comfortable and cozy, is not necessary to bring sleeping bag.
The usual meeting point is in Benasque, if you need a transfer from elsewhere, contact us and we will solve it.
The weather in the mountains can change very quickly, go prepared for rain, snow and wind.

Water-proof boots, suitables on rocky terrain
Hiking poles
Crampons and ice-ax
Suitable clothes

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    Aneto 3.404m, summit of Pyrenees

    • Dates: All year round
    • Time: 1 or 2 days
    • Price: 1 DAY
      1 pers 460€pp
      2 pers 280€pp
      3 pers 220€pp
      4/5 pers 180€pp
      2 DAY
      1 pers 900€pp
      2 pers 480€pp
      3 pers 340€pp
      4/5 pers 290€pp
    • Level: intermediate
    • Group: maximum 5 person per Guide


    Qualified Mountain Guide
    Collective safety gear
    Personal gear (crampons and harness)
    Accommodation and meals (2 day program)

    Not Included

    Transfer to Benasque
    Unexpected costs result of bad weather and natural disasters