Pyrenees Classic Ridges

Arista/ridge Roger Mountain Guide
Ride along the sharp and aesthetic ridges is one of the most grateful disciplines of mountaineering. Looking at the horizon on both sides, finding the passages between the blocks and sharp needles alterning scrambling, climbing, abseiling and walking ... an experience for all the senses !!!

We offer you some of the most famous ridges of the Pyrenees, which we like. The options are endless and all levels of difficulty. If you are a begginer, if you’ve already climbed some or if you have one into your head and wish for the safety of a Guide, we’ll help you achieve your dream.
Some have their ideal time, others can be climbed throughout the year. Thus, a simple ridge in summer or fall becomes a bigger commitment in the winter, a big challenge in snow becomes a great pleasure in dry conditions.

Begginners ridges:

Cabirols al Pedraforca, AD- III

Agulles de Travessany, D IV

Roques Blanques al Vallhiverna, PD III

Bessiberris, AD+

Urquiza Olmo a Montrebei, D V

Cresta St Salvador a Santorens, D V

Aresta dels tres consellers al Neuville, D IV

Advanced ridges:

Cresta de Saboredo, MD- V

Aresta del Drac de Tumeneia, D IV

Salenques-Tempestats a l’Aneto, D IV

Quinze gendarmes d’Alba, D+ IV+

Cresta del Diablo al Balaitús, MD V

To prepare the activity, we focus on your wishes, route conditions and weather.
Some routes are duable in a single day, while other require to stay overnight in mountain hut or bivouac.
In case of overnight stay in a refuge, costumer takes care of the expenses.
If some gear is needed, we can lend what's missing.
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Gear included

Depending on the route;
Climbing shoes

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    Pyrenees Classic Ridges

    • Dates: All year long
    • Time: 1 day
    • Group: Màxim 2 persones per Guia


    Certified Alpine Guide
    Colective safety gear
    Colective progresion gear
    Practical training

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    Food and drink