Alpinism of pleasure in Pyrenees

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Alpinism of pleasure in Pyrenees

  • Dates: December to April
  • Time: 1/2 days
  • Price:

    From 125€ per person
  • Group: Max 2 person per Guide


We offer you the classic winter routes of the Pyrenees, a list of activities that every alpinist must do. Corridors, goulottes and north faces will captivate you by its beauty and will leave a lasting memory. Come and discover the world of winter mountaineering, an experience between effort, superation and learning, but above all, an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

These are some of our suggestions, the options are endless. We’ll prepare together the activity and help you gathering info, preparing the equipment and teach you the basic techniques to improve your autonomy. Our challenge is to enjoy, learn and fulfill your dreams.

Serra del Cadi

  • Canal de l’Ordiguer, AD 450m
  • Canal Sàbat, D+ 320m
  • Canal de l’Àliga, MD 320m

Els Encantats

  • Canal Central, BD 500m
  • Estasen, MD 700m

Tuc del Mig de la Tallada

  • Corredor Inserso, D+ 550m
  • Hypergoulotte, D+ 550m

Tuc del Feixant

  • Corredor Nord, D 400m
  • Amor a primera vista, MD 300m


  • Corredor N, MD 250m


  • Corredor Estasen, PD 300m


  • Jean Arlaud, AD, 250m

Mont Perdut

  • Cara N Clàssica, AD 700m


  • Goulotte Quintana, D+ 250m
  • Cara N, AD+ 700m


  • Couloir de Gaube, MD 550m


  • Corredor Swan, BD 500m

Peña Telera

  • Corredor Maria Jose Aller, D+ 550m

Midi d’Ossau

  • Corredor de la Fourche, AD+ 350m
  • Corredor Pombie Suzón, MD 430m

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Useful information

To prepare the activity, we focus on your wishes, route conditions and weather.
Some routes are duable in a single day, while other require to stay overnight in mountain hut or bivouac.
In case of overnight stay in a refuge, costumer takes care of the expenses.
If some gear is needed, we can lend what's missing.

Recommended equipment

Alpinismo boots
Crampons and ice ax/es
Back pack
Food and drink
2 pair of gloves, thin and warm


Certified Alpine Guide
Colective safety gear
Colective progresion gear
Practical training

Not Included

Personal gear
Food and drink